Lilu, anne ve babalara dijital huzur getirmeyi hedefleyen yeni girişimdir.

We have children of our own and as millenials we know the difficulties children face online all the time and that is why we created Lilu.

It is important to let children explore and learn about the world which surrounds them and socialise in the digital world so we created Lilu to create such a safe environment.

By allowing granular control over which websites they can visit, apps they can use, games they can play or by forcing safe search on each device we can delay our childrens exposure to inappropriate, violent or abusive content and help their healthy mental development.

We are certain that children are tech savvy enough to bypass all restrictions in a world where we emphasise freedom and therefore we know they will bypass our systems but we can guarantee we will be there in each step to take countermeasures and simply alert you of such activity so you can take appropriate action directly with your children.

Lilu, 10 yıldır teknolojiyi anlamlaştıran ve en gelişmiş teknolojik çözümleri dünyanın farklı noktalarındaki firmalara sunan Inovaktif Grup'un medar-ı iftiharıdır.