Are children safe online?

What are their digital habits?

Can they watch inappropriate content?

Have they seen inappropriate photos?

Where are they right now?

On the tablet pass bedtime?

Make sure your children are safe from the digital worl with a single app from anywhere!
Get notified of apps and sites that are frequently used!
Put the blame on Lilu and prevent device use during bedtime or meal time!


  • Keep your children safe from inappropriate videos by enforcing Safe Youtube with Lilu.
  • Keep your children safe from inappropriate search results by enforcing Safe Search with Lilu.
  • Monitor visited sites and apps with Lilu History
  • Leave blocking apps and the internet to Lilu so you don't have to.
  • Be notified when children arrive home to or from school.
  • Be notified when a new app is installed

Remote Management

We leave our children in school, in care centers, to grand parents and other loved ones. We cannot always be around them.

In every day life we cannot track every place a child visits online but now with Lilu all iOS and Android devices can be monitored.

Remote control your child's tablet or phone even if you are not near them and use any feature of Lilu.

All notifications will come to your mobile so you can intervene instantly!


With the automatic bedtime feature, decide when your child's device will be off during weekdays and weekends.

Homework time can be saved by restricting access to a single app, multiple apps or all apps for a certain time!