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Meet your digital peace of mind. Lilu brings various technologies together allowing seamless parental control in and out of the home.


Create a profile for each child, assign unlimited devices to each profile. Assigning a rule to a profile will automatically aggregate the rule to all connected iOS & Android devices. Read More


Remotely control access to apps and the internet in and out of the home wether children are on Wifi or Mobile Networks such as 3G/4G/LTE. Lilu filters all internet activity of a connected device. If you’re worried that homework is being left behind for phone time simply create an offline time each day for the internet, apps and media to have the peace of mind that this is one distraction you don’t have to fight everyday. We understand that kids need their own space to explore and develop in an online world and Lilu gives you peace of mind knowing that they are exploring safely. Read More


Create a weekly schedule for each child. Wether you want to set bedtime at 8 during weekdays and 10 on weekends; Wether you want to only allow Google, Wikipedia and other educational websites or apps during homework time; Wether you create different schedules for each child or multiple schedules for one child; Lilu will allow you to create, manage and track all online schedules of your child. Read More


Regularly check where the children are directly from your phone anytime you want. Select which locations are safe for your children and get notified instantly if they go off the selected area. Read More

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