Lilu Tv is a new venture aimed to create a custom WiFi network, control access to the internet, store and stream digital media to your TV but this is just the start...

The Lilu Tv team is made up of serious home entertainment fans who between us have over 109.500 hours of watching Tv and that is just 1/10th of our business experience. We like to think of this as decades of research.

We designed and created Lilu for the everyday world, it is a direct response to actual problems that we and our community have with the integration of disparate technologies into family and home life.

At its core Lilu is a platform. We have created an application framework to easily allow for the introduction of new features and functions by the Lilu team and any other developer with a great idea.

At every step of the design and development we made Lilu easy to use. Simplifying every single screen, removing tech jargon (UX/UI) , intuitively sequencing actions to make even the most normally complicated setup task easy. This philosophy is also applied to the application design standard we provide to all developers.

We have already implemented some great features and as we build partnerships and collaborate with like minded individuals and groups the future is going to get even more exciting!

Lilu Tv is the baby of Inovaktif Grup which has spent 10 years making sense of technology and providing cutting edge solutions for companies all over the world.