Ready To Meet Lilu?

Watch what you want when you want to. Movies, tv shows, documentaries, apps and content on your television with HD quality. Enjoy Lilu over the internet or with no internet at all. With Airplay and Screencast from your tablet or phone, the screen belongs to you.

Plenty Of Reasons For Lilu Tv

Watch live tv! Rent a movie or a tv show. Watch your own videos or view photos from a USB device or instantly mirror from your phone or tablet. Our parental control ensures your children will be protected. One box, a world of solutions! No Subscription! No Contracts!

Lilu Store

Choose apps from the Lilu Store which enable you to customize your Tv home screen with content you are interested in, including Youtube, Spotify and others.

Mirror To Your Tv

No more reaching across the coffee table, with Lilu Tv you can stream pictures, videos and apps from your iOS or Android device to Lilu.

Home Media To Your Tv

USB Plug & Play! Plug your USB storage device to Lilu Tv and start listening or watching instantly. We do not limit the content you can watch on Lilu!

No Internet

If you do not have internet access, we package movies and tv shows on our own storage device and deliver them to your door step. Plug into Lilu Tv to start watching. It is that simple!

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