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Lilu brings various home and mobile technologies together allowing seamless control in and out of the home.

Lilu Player

Enjoy videos, music or photos from Lilu Drive, USB devices and more in high definition with an easy to use custom media player. Read More

Lilu Network

Creating family member profiles, remotely controlling access to apps and the internet in and out of the home wether they are on Wifi or Mobile Networks such as 3G/4G/LTE. Lilu creates a wifi network just for your kids. If you’re worried that homework is being left behind for phone time simply create an offline time each day for the internet, apps and media to have the peace of mind that this is one distraction you don’t have to fight everyday. We understand that kids need their own space to explore and develop in an online world and Lilu gives you peace of mind knowing that they are exploring safely. Read More

Lilu Drive

Lilu can store your movies, photos, music and files in its internal storage or a connected storage. Send your videos and photos from your phone to Lilu directly and free up space for new memories. Access is available from your phone, tablet and PC remotely or through your TV at home. Lilu Network will help you decide who gets to see what on your storage space. Read More

Lilu Apps

We have developed an application framework where our team will continue to publish new features or applications made for home use. Lilu Apps will be open to developers from around the world. From internet connected devices (IOT) to media aggregators and distributors the possibilities for future innovation is endless. Read More

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