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With the objective to maximize added value for all of its shareholders, Tanfer Group of Companies have been in business for more then 50 years and grows its global presence with the objective of creating long-term relations with countries through the framework of a global vision.

since 1951



Tanfer Group's involvement in Biosecurity goes back to the earthquake of 1999 in Turkey where due to the efforts of our disinfection teams efforts no disease outbreak was recorded.


Tanfer Group's involvement in Health goes back to the Otorhinolaryngology clinic of Dr. Nedret Tanfer, the grand father of Tanfer Group's founders. The growth continued with the Oral and Maxillofacial clinic Dr. Nihat Tanfer.


Tanfer Group's involvement in Technology dates back to 2008 where investments into SaaS projects and products were made. The company continues to grow with successful international exits and new innovative products


Tanfer Group's involvement in Defence is active in the MENA region. From training to manufacturing, the company provides various solutions for the sector.

We are always looking for new ventures, new investments from seed funding to series A scopes to enter new markets and invest in the future.

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Tanfer Group News

VES up and running

Inovaktif's venture in partnership with Vodafone is live in Turkey

Disinfection in funerals

LCB Worldwide extends its disinfection services in Ghana

Babies of 2021

Tanfer Hospital's renovated newborn floor continues to spread hapiness

Finally! Powerbank Rental

Sarz is now available in Istanbul and plans for 2022

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