Ready To Meet Lilu?

Smart home entertainment and management device Lilu is here to build the center of your digital home. Introducing Lilu Drive, Lilu Store, Lilu Player and Lilu Family all in one device. One box, a world of solutions!

Lilu Player

Enjoy videos, music or photos from Lilu Drive, USB devices or Internet streams in high definition. Enjoy live TV or video on demand if available in your country.
Play 1080 HD videos
Play high quality music
Display photos to your Tv in full HD
Stream media from Lilu Drive or attached devices
Total control from Lilu iOS and Android apps

Lilu Family

Today’s technology can present some challenging questions for parents. How can we protect our kids from unsuitable content and media on the internet? How can we provide a balance of restriction and freedom that maintains safety? The Lilu team are parents too. We have kids from toddlers to teenagers so have a real world understanding of the issues this presents. We have created a system where media and applications that you feel are not suitable for your kids are restricted. Each child can have an individual user profile, so different ages can be catered for with the same hyper easy to use setup screens. This concept of freedom and safety is extended to the internet too.

Lilu Drive

Out of the box Lilu has 500Gb of internal storage space for your movies, photos, music and files. In fact all your digital stuff! Access is available from your phone, tablet, PC and through your TV. Share and allow access to friends and family. All this under the control of Lilu Family.

Lilu Apps

We have developed an application framework where our team and developers from around the world can create for Lilu. We see an endless array of opportunities as our open platform is exploited as the hub of the home, from new media types or feeds to management of the Internet of Things (IOT) devices.

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